Today, we had a presentation from our HR department on our company and the things employees have access to that we may not know about. It’s very informative and we appreciate it, but it’s 3+ hours long. This year, in order to make it bearable, they bought us lunch from the Italian Kitchen. Greek salad, sandwiches, fruit, green salad… and I brought soup. I also ate a lot of fruit and salad, but I DID NOT eat a sandwich, though I did take one and eat the ham out of it.

So, I had a banana for breakfast accompanied by loads of advisor-related irritation, and then, because I didn’t know what we were having for lunch, I went to the store to grab some fruit for a snack (and some kombucha because yes) and then when I saw the fruit plate, I was like “oh, nevermind”, so I will have grapes for tomorrow. Yay! Continuing on.

Lunch: Soup, plus fruit & salad with no dressing because I didn’t quite get around to it. And I’m pretty sure the provided dressing had milk in it anyway. Then I listened and had more fruit because I needed to not look SUPER bored. I appreciated the presentation, but it was really long and I have the attention span of a gnat. Then we tidied up, I cannibalized the good parts out of a sandwich and then went back to the annoying emails, then abandoned everything and went home at 4:30. An agent called me at 4:29 and I was like “nope, nope, fuck off, I’m out, bitches”.


By the time I left, I was getting a headache, I was probably clenching my jaw again. By the time I got home, I was like “okay, so I maybe if I throw up, my headache will calm down.” But I didn’t. I just laid on the couch and watched The Musketeers on Netflix. Then I was hungry and made dinner – pork steak & salad. Delish. Then an apple with cinnamon for an evening snack, and awwwwfuck I forgot to make myself lunch for tomorrow. Shit sticks. Whelp, gonna end this and go do that.

Day 18? Pretty sure I skipped a day, my math is not lining up  17:

SHREDDED. (By a dinosaur, not like body-builder shredded,  because that would be ridiculous.)