Well, today was … Tuesday. And it was pretty boring. I don’t have much for amusing anecdotes and also I’m tired, so here it is:

Breakfast: Banana, Lemon Pound Cake Tea

Lunch: Soup, Lemon Pound Cake Tea

Aft. Snack: Pineapple & strawberries & Kombucha

Dinner: Pork steak with roasted sweet potatoes and salad.

Water for the rest of the night. Too tired to make anything else.


Day was fine. Not particularly interesting. Except I saw my sister’s ex (is it really an “ex” if they dated for 3 weeks and he wouldn’t put out? I feel like that would be like including all your “boyfriends” from when you were twelve and never actually talked to each other.) downtown and decided he looks like the human version of a pug. Or a potato. I’m not sure which. But definitely something sort of oblong and fuzzy.

Day 16: Trampled. (by a pony. Get it?)