Now that my nerd cred is maintained, today went pretty well. I was early for work, I got a seat on the bus, I got lots of work done and I had lunch with Miss Sassiface, then home, then dojo, then home. I left the dojo to walk home because I had a project I wanted to finish, so naturally the storm I was trying to beat home opened up and I was soaked through by the time I got home. I had to dry myself off and then do laundry because my clothes were so wet. Fun times.

Anyway. Banana for breakfast. Chicken with garlic salt & thyme on salad with apple and olives for lunch/afternoon snacks. Oh, and I had some grapes this afternoon too. After getting drenched on my way home from the dojo, I made pork steak and salad (romaine lettuce, green onion, cucumber, mushroom and grapefruit.) And it was delicious. I am very happy with my fooding choices lately. I hope to continue this diet for a long time. However, for now, I REALLY want some bread. Like. so much.


Yaaaaah, bitches.

Day 19 (except 18 because I missed day 8) 18: Force choked to DEATH.