finish him

Well, not quite the finish, since I’m continuing with the AIP diet for the foreseeable future. But it’s the finish of the first 30 days and I did it! I did the first 30 days without failing or cheating or having a meltdown. I’m feeling better and I look better and I am losing weight, it’s fantastic. So, I’m going to stick with it because there are a few things that this has meant to me:

  1. I’m on a diet for lessening the symptoms of an Auto-Immune disease, and I got better. Kinda puts a big red arrow toward the root of a lot of my problems. So, sticking with this for as long as possible will hopefully keep that auto-immune-disease far, far down the road.
  2. I am mentally much healthier than I was a few months ago. I was miserable and frustrated and felt awful about feeling awful, and things were generally not particularly good upstairs. And that’s all better now because I’m actually dealing with the things that I wasn’t happy about instead of avoiding them, thus prolonging the worry and anxiety over things I could have changed. Now that I’m actually doing something about this stuff, I am much happier.
  3. I finished something. I set out to do 30 days and I did it. Every other time I have tried to diet, I have failed after a week or two. I have never finished anything like this before and it’s a huge thing for me to have actually stuck with it all the way through. So, while I know that most people are able to just NOT eat all the bad foods they like, but I am not most people and I have the self-control of a cat who has figured out how to get catnip whenever it wants. I’m a junk food addict and it’s hard to make yourself stop, especially when delicious food is EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK, and healthy food is both expensive and harder to find.
    So, at the end of the 30 days, I decided to add peppers back in because it’s surprisingly hard to avoid them and my salads are getting REALLY boring. And I’m going to stop blogging daily because hey, no one needs to hear all this about my boring daily life. But I did it, guys.
    rocky victory30 Days: FLAWLESS VICTORY.