So, day 30! Apparently I miscounted the days, but whatever, I’m not having a cheat meal until the weekend anyway. We’re going to a video-game-themed restaurant and then going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But I have reached my original goal for the first 30 days of losing 10 pounds, so yay! Now I just need to start adding foods back in until I can identify the triggers. For the first one, I can’t decide if it should be peppers or eggs. I tend to eat a lot of both of those things when I’m trying to diet, and eggs would make protein sources easier, but peppers would make my salads a lot more interesting, plus I would be able to use all the chili-based spices I’ve been avoiding. I miss putting a flavour in my food that was something besides garlic. But eggs are used in so much stuff, and it would make it easier to make paleo baked goods because without eggs, things get complicated.

I would like to think that I have ingrained some better habits, so I will continue with that hope going forward, because SURPRISE! I’m going to stick with this diet for the foreseeable future until I reach my target weight. If I continue losing 2-3 lbs a week, I should reach it by mid-July. However, since what normally happens with people who stick to a healthy eating plan, they lose weight until they reach a plateau where their body is comfortable maintaining it’s weight on the eating plan, so they need to also exercise to continue making progress. So, I’ve got Fightfit 3 days a week (and I will actually start to go, even.) and then I signed up for a subscription to DDPYoga. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about it on here, but anyone who has ever met me has heard me rave about this yoga program, because it’s Amazeballs. So, after Christmas I was doing it consistently for about a month until things went sideways in my life and we ended up moving abruptly and things happened. Anyway, I didn’t start raving about it on my blog because I felt I hadn’t been doing it consistently enough to justify saying that it was working. However, I did find an increase in my flexibility, and it was HARD. It gets your heart rate going and it builds strength through dynamic resistance and balance training, so these are all good things for martial arts. I’m excited about being able to get to a point in my physicality where I feel good about what I’m doing and how I feel, so more updates on DDPYoga later. *Yeah, you’re going to hear about it. TRUST ME.*

ddp bang

So! Today: Banana in the morning with genmatcha tea and water. Got super hungry around 11:30 and had the remainder of my salad I didn’t finish yesterday, and then at 1pm, I had my ground beef & salad lunch. And then I got sick in the afternoon, and I don’t know why. But it can’t have been the kombucha because I didn’t drink any since last Sunday, so that’s a relief. I was feeling rather like a beloved companion had turned around and attacked me. *BETRAYAL*


Anyway, I had an apple when I got home then went to the dojo to do some admin work, and then wasn’t hungry when we got home at 9:30, so I just made lunch for tomorrow. I’ll be hungry when I get up tomorrow, but for now, I’ll drink my mint tea and go to bed.

Day 30: conquered.