Hey, so, I woke up today and continued to feel awful, but I had a meeting with a carrier rep in the afternoon and couldn’t call in sick, so I tried to drink loooots of water and then went to work. I had 3 cups of tea by noon, which is a lot for me, plus water and a banana, but my stomach didn’t settle down until after 2 o’clock, after I had a tuna salad from Urban Fare, since I didn’t exactly feel up to cooking last night. Then I had my big meeting with the rep and got to feel very important, and hopefully do some things to help the operations staff at my company to make things a bit easier on us. But during the meeting, I had a cup of Starbucks green tea, which was by far the worst tea I’ve ever put in my mouth, and I ended up dumping it after the meeting. Bleh. Who drinks this shit?

Anyway. Came home. Ate food – leftover yam & sausage with vegan mayo on salad. I had to run an errand after work so I came home late. I could probably have made it to Fightfit but my stomach still feels weird and painful even now, and it’s 10 o’clock. Just FYI, food poisoning (or whatever happened) is unpleasant and makes you feel yucky for a long time afterward.



Day 29: Snuffed. (I don’t know. I’m running out of synonyms.)