I forgot to blog last night! I was busy and then I fell asleep and woke up at 1 am and decided to just go back to bed. I totally forgot to blog though.

So, let’s start with yesterday! I was supposed to wake up early and go to Fightfit, and surprise! I didn’t. I slept until 1 o’clock, had a grapefruit, showered & went to get my hair done in New West, which was a fun trip because I missed the bus and had to call a cab to get down to the train station. Super annoying. Anyway, I brought a sliced apple (all my apples are sliced. I do not like biting apples. I don’t know why. But I haven’t actually bitten into an apple for years.) but then I forgot to eat it until I got home, which was after stopping at Safeway for MOAR GROCERIES and then skytraining/bussing home. It was not a nice trip home and then I got home at a quarter to seven and realized I had eaten 1 grapefruit all day, and had a large bottle of water. So I cooked up a package of sausages and boiled some yam cubes and made myself sausage & yam on salad, and gobbled it up.


Then I played WoW for a while, then bedtime.

Sunday! It was Mother’s day today, so I got up at 10 and took a whole bunch of salad stuff out to my sister’s place where we were making a huge brunch for the moms. My faux-brother & his wife, Mr. & Mrs. Craftiface, were there as well, because they’re always with us for holidays and we love them. But since there were six of us, we had a feast! Waffles, ham, sausage, potato salad, some baked penne & mushroom pasta dish… I contented myself with salad with sausage and ham, and tried not to look at or smell the waffles, which I am told were amazing. But! I was strong! I did not bend! I had my kombucha and my salad and my ham and sausage and I did not complain! (much.)


No, I told everyone about how much better I was feeling and how my digestive system was working properly and how great the diet was, and then we took my mom out to help her shop for new clothes for her trip to Ireland (super jealous, btw, but hiding it badly.) I grabbed a water from Panago (which was the closest food place) to stay hydrated, and drank pretty much the whole bottle before realizing it was expired. It tasted fine, so I didn’t really think anything of it. Then went back to mom’s place and sat down. Started feeling not so good. Went into bathroom. Became VERY VERY SICK for over an hour. Finally caved and asked Mr. Grumpiface to come get me, so he had to skip his family dinner to come out and take me home. I felt terrible, not just because I had just thrown up everything I’d eaten into a garbage can, but also because he didn’t even get his dinner. I ruined everything.


I don’t even know what made me so sick, but oh my god, it was bad. The only thing I can think of is that if I used a raspberry with some bad bacteria on it in my kombucha, then the fermentating process would’ve made the whole drink a large bottle of food poisoning. I dumped it out, just in case. Or maybe it was an under-cooked sausage, or maybe it was the expired water. Who knows, but it was not okay.

Silver lining: As of Saturday morning, I’d lost 9 lbs, and was trying to think of how I was going to get that 10th one down. Pretty sure I managed it today. Bleh.


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