Friday! Yaaaaay! Day wasn’t super interesting. Worked. Did stuff. Had a mushy banana. OH MY GOD, I forgot to buy more bananas, what am I going to eat tomorrow? MY WORLD HAS BEEN SHATNERED.


I went to a different salad bar for lunch because I was getting a bit tired of trying to find a table at Urban Fare (though in retrospect, if I had gone to Urban Fare, I could have bought some bananas. Frack.) so I tried out a new place in the Bentall centre and it was like any other salad bar, except with yucky dressing and crappy forks. Just a tip to all the salad bars out there, first of all, to keep your balsamic dressing from separating, you add ground mustard. Also some flavouring of some kind. Like… anything. It was basically a layer of balsamic vinegar under a layer of oil, and when you put it on your salad, you got a coating of oil in your mouth before a shot of balsamic vinegar and then whatever unfortunate vegetable was caught in the great dressing fail of 2017. Oh, and if you’re going to provide vegetables that are chopped into the same general size and shape of a coaster, you’re going to have to give us proper forks. Not metal ones, but the good plastic ones. You know, the ones that don’t bend in defeat when faced with a chunk of cucumber.


Also I stopped at a place that sells hippie food and got some hippie food in the form of a bottle of kombucha and a stick of “natural” (bland as fuuuuuuuuck) pepperoni. The kombucha was because I forgot mine in the fridge at work, and because I have 12 bottles at home but somehow only 11 lids, so that needed to be addressed. After that, I went back to work and mostly just talked to one of my bosses who had just discovered David’s Tea and wanted to tell me ALL about it! HAHAHAHAAA I AM A GOD, PUNY MORTAL! KNEEL BEFORE ME AND DESPAIR! And then I showed her my tea stash at work, because I have 7 different teas in the cupboard and then a whole bunch hidden in my desk, and I gave her one of the coconut ones because gross. I am going to take a picture of my tea cupboard and send it to her this weekend so she can fully appreciate my total commitment to tea.  Speaking of tea, after work I went to David’s tea to pick up a gift for some friends and to buy some Sour Appletini tea, which was AMAZING.

Image result for olive penderghast yum

Home. Snuggled Mr. Grumpiface on the couch and accidentally fell asleep for about an hour. Woke up with no time to have dinner before going to see said friends and deliver said gift, so I chopped up an apple and we went to Whole Foods so Mr Grumpiface could pick up some obscenely-priced almonds, and I bought a thing of fruit so I could have something to tide me over until I got home… which turned out to be after 11, because I went for coffee and spent 2.5 hours catching up with my sister, niece and my fake-brother & sister-in-law. It was great and I’m glad I got to spend time with them, because it’s important to see people you love to remind you of why you are doing what you’re doing. People who are naturally healthy have problems too, but the potential for me getting sick makes normal problems even worse, so it reminded me that the people that love me have a hard enough time with life, the universe and everything without worrying about me too, so I better do what I can to be healthy. Because even if I sometimes feel like the world is a pointless place and I don’t really want to live on this planet anymore, I don’t exist in a vacuum and my life affects others’ lives. That’s just how it goes. And that’s how it should be. Huh, I don’t know where to go from there. Look, a cute cat!



Anyway, Finally came home, made some salad with ground beef & mushrooms, with some of the horrid vegan mayo that I won’t throw out because it was expensive. Turns out garlic salt can fix a lot of things, including vegan mayo. And a cup of Sour Appletini tea with honey because I was frozen from sitting outside for 2.5 hours with friends because they have a dog. BUT I have to tell you a very exciting thing, which is that I had one of my raspberry kombuchas on the way to friends’ house, and IT FIZZED! I made it fizz! I’m so excited! It’s so delicious AND healthy and relatively easy to make, I am so happy that Miss Sassiface introduced me to this. I took a picture of my bottle fizzing and sent it to her. Oh, and something else I wanted to mention: I have basically stopped sighing heavily over things I can’t have. I can walk through the store and look for the things I can have and not stress about it. It’s good. It’s like I earned a bonus to my will save or something.

And now, I will say goodnight and go to bed.

Day 26: Quashed.