One more week. I will be super proud of myself for finishing this. I never finish stuff like this, I always start things and then they turn out to be hard so I bail. But I’m actually going to finish this. So, today! How about today…

Well, to start with, the bus was late, so that was fun. Then I got to work and our database system was actually working, so we were all feverishly trying to get out stuff done before we lost it again. My feverish-working lasted the whole day and I was very productive because I want to actually take my lunch break tomorrow to say a fond farewell to Miss Sassiface, who has decided not to work downtown anymore so it will be harder to meet up with her. Sad Kate.

Red Panda 4

Anyway. Banana this morning. Chicken & veggie soup for lunch with a bottle of my homemade grapefruit kombucha that didn’t fizz up, so that was disappointing. I forgot to eat my apple for the afternoon snack, so I was starving when I got home and had ANOTHER banana because I was going to take Fightfit, but then I didn’t. I’m glad because I bottled a new batch of Kombucha – 2 Strawberry, 2 Watermelon and 2 Cherry/Raspberry – and brewed a new batch for bottling this weekend, and due to my spectacular lack of preparation, I ended up also having to clean the bottles with vinegar and one of them is missing a lid, I had to locate the pot I use to boil the tea for kombucha which had soup in it in the fridge so I had to empty the soup, wash the pot, and THEN make the tea and basically I was in the kitchen for over 3hours tonight. I had the rest of the soup for dinner because I don’t want to cook anything else because I’m so tired of doing dishes and everything takes so long to cook and I’m tired now. *whine* I did nothing fun today. I went to work, I came home, I cooked and cleaned things and then by the time I decided to sit down, it was time to write this and go to bed. This is adult life. This is sadness. There must be an escape!

Me, trying to escape adulthood, having not quite achieved it yet but I don’t want it.

Day 24: Thwarted! That’s a good word.

Now I’m going to bed because I’m too tired to do anything fun. /lame.