I finally went back and fixed the titles because it was annoying me to start each post with the wrong number and knowing it was wrong. I fixed it now. So, ask me how my day was! Horrific, that’s how! I was gone for one. Day. I come back and our database system (the system we use to keep track of EVERYTHING) is down. Has been since yesterday afternoon. It was just our office and fairly low priority until the sickness spread to EVERY OTHER OFFICE ACROSS CANADA. Then they got them working, but not us. Nope, we started the apocalypse, we have to live with it.

Well, that explains it.

So, I had my banana and a cup of Lemon Pound Cake tea and waited. And waited. And waaaaaited. Then at lunch, I had some soup and waited. I was working on my email all this time, but even then, I still have to upload the emails to our system, so I can’t actually FINISH anything. It was the most non-productive day ever. I had to send stuff to the Calgary office to get them to handle it because while I was there, I was not useful, other than to make jokes and try to ease the tension.

Then I remembered after a reminder text from my mom that BC had an election today and I still hadn’t voted. So I took the opportunity to utilize the “take time off work to go vote” rule because a) I was the only one who could vote that hadn’t yet, and b) I had nothing to do and c) neither did anyone else but I had an excuse to leave and they didn’t. I am the only Canadian-born person in our office. Everyone else immigrated, or is a PR. Except people tied to our office who work off-site, so they’re not “IN” the office, so they don’t count. Anyway. I left at 3:30 to go home, change, get my voting card, go catch the bus and vote, then go to my dentist appointment and meet my new dentist, who is SUPER nice, which is why I picked her. I had a thing of berries from Safeway after I left the dentist, since I wasn’t going to eat it before (look at all the seeds in my teeth!) and headed to the dojo, where I did filing and other office-y things until I got hungry and went home at around 9 ish. Then I had some chicken and salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and some kombucha. I put the rest of my kombucha in the fridge after Miss Sassiface informed me that I derped on the instructions and left the bottled kombucha in the warmth for too long. So I might have ruined it. I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know.  Ugh, I don’t want tomorrow. I don’t want another day like today where I have to be there but can’t do anything useful. But I have to go because apparently if I don’t, something terrible happens.


Day 23 (for reals): ganked. because Supernatural. Also, I’m still hungry and now I want some pie.