Ughhhh I’m dying. I have cramps and I’ve been on the couch all day. I got up to go shower for obvious reasons and to make soup for this week. I think my ovaries hurt. If this doesn’t get better soon, I’m going to stay home from work tomorrow because I feel like my uterus is trying to escape my body and it’s extremely uncomfortable. I felt okay when I got up, and I made AIP pancakes, it was only afterward that I started to feel like my internal organs were going through a meat grinder.

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Anyway, I made AIP pancakes this morning. How does one make pancakes without flour, milk or eggs, you ask? You don’t. You make something weird and deceptive and not very good. *disappointed*. They’re made out of coconut flour, gelatin and banana. And they’re a good substitute for people who have never had real pancakes because Jesus fuck, they were kinda gross. There isn’t enough maple syrup in the world to make them taste good. I ate them, because that’s what I made for breakfast, but it was sad. Then the cramps hit and I laid on the couch for a long time. I got up to make soup for this week (chicken & veggie… again) and then came straight back to the couch. I’ve been watching The Musketeers on Netflix and now I have a thing for Porthos.


Don’t tell Mr Grumpiface!

Day 22/21: Suffered in decidedly Not-Silence.