Day twenty? Really? No, actually. Day 19. I skipped a number. I don’t want to go back and fix all the previous entries. I might do it tomorrow if it bothers me enough. Or I might keep it for posterity, and the reminder that I process investment business and can’t count to 30. (Edit: I have now gone back and fixed them because this was driving me nuts.)


Anyway, it’s 1:20 in the morning because so far today, I went to work, worked late because I covered the Alberta offices today, then came home, went out to pick up groceries & rats (for the snakes, obviously) then came home, cooked a delicious dinner of bacon & chicken salad, and then I bottled my first batch of Kombucha. Yayyyyy! Then I attempted to feed the sneks, except Francis wouldn’t eat and I even stabbed the rat to get him to scent the blood, but no dice. (suddenly remembers to go wash said knife before questions are asked.)


So, food! I had a little fruit salad today as breakfast, because there was still fruit left in the fridge from our catered lunch on Wednesday and I didn’t think anyone was going to eat it, so I just cut it all up with my banana and nommed that, which was good because I forgot to make myself lunch last night and then was so busy at work that I didn’t end up going for lunch until 2pm. When I did, I went down to Urban Fare and got a bottle of Kombucha and a big salad with ham. And I ate it allllllll up because I was sooo hungry. Then back to work until 5pm, then home. I didn’t eat anything before we went to get groceries but since we’re so restricted on what we eat and not letting each other cheat, going grocery shopping doesn’t take very long anymore. I bought coconut oil and tapioca flour so I can make another attempt at pancakes tomorrow. REMATCH!


Anyway, I’m super excited about my kombucha. It was already starting to fizz when I tasted it, so hopefully in the bottles it will achieve MAXIMUM FIZZINESS and I will be able to permanently replace pop in my diet because that shit is bad for you… but it tastes so good… Anyway. I made 3 different flavours then brewed a new batch for next week. I made 2 raspberry, 2 blueberry and 2 grapefruit. I love grapefruit, so I’m sooo excited to see if it’ll turn out. Yay! I’m the best!


Day 20/19: Annihilated.