Well, today… didn’t go as planned. I went to work. Everything went wrong after that. Tomorrow promises to be a hellish day too, while I try to unfuck the fuckery that plagued me today. (I’ve been watching a lot of historical dramas, it makes my brain talk funny.) I’d tell you about all about the wrongness of my day but a) it’s pretty boring, and b) it involves divulging confidential information on the internet, which I took an online training webinar on today for an HOUR which turned out to be basically common sense. Thanks, guys. But food-wise, the day was fine. I started off with my morning banana and some Queen of Tarts tea, and then I had the last pieces of pineapple left over from Friday (they were in the fridge, it’s fine) and then I had a bowl of chicken veggie soup for lunch. For my snack, I was so annoyed and cranky, I went to the grocery store and bought olives and some sandwich meat and wrapped olives in sandwich meat and had that with a bottle of kombucha, which I had to ask my UPS guy to open for me. Then I bought yarn and a got my monthly transit pass and headed home. When I got home, I was like “well, I’m not leaving again” and decided not to go to class tonight. Tired. Cranky. Fuck it.

So, I had a grapefruit. Then I had pork steak, salad and leftover roasted sweet potatoes with water. I am kinda hungry now but I think I’m just going to go to bed, because tomorrow is going to suuuuuuuuuuuck while I make up for all the fuck ups of today. (Some were mine. Not going to lie. Le sigh.)

Day 15: Stomped. Angrily.