Halfway done, muthafuckas! Yaaaaaaaas.

So, I figured that by this point, I would’ve dropped a bit more weight than I have, and that things would have stopped hurting. I’m in less pain than I was, but it’s still not completely gone. And I am losing weight, but slowly. Boo. I guess I just got my hopes up because my mom had a very successful start to the diet and I hoped I would also have that. But it’s better than nothing. And I do feel MUCH better than I did when I wasn’t doing it, so I’ll keep going. It’s only another two weeks, right? It’s not like I’m going crazy for carbs, right?

I tried to make AIP pancakes this morning, and oh boy, did I fail. I took elements of all the AIP pancake recipes I found online, since I didn’t have all the ingredients to just follow one receipe and they were an unqualified failure. (It’s considered failure when I won’t eat it. If I make faces but still eat it, it’s not a failure, it’s just not a success.) I threw them  out. Sadly. Even putting syrup on them didn’t make them better. Then I had leftover fruit salad for breakfast because I was hungry. Then I did dishes for most of the length of the Ant-Man movie (left from last night – it was Mr Grumpiface’s turn, but he had people over for games and I knew he wouldn’t get to them until tomorrow, so I just did them.) Speaking of which, when people game, they usually bring a LOT of munchies. And pop. That’s my bane, my kryptonite – the Fizzy. It’s the thing I always end up cheating with, the ex I can’t give up. That’s what the Kombucha is for, which has been moved to the reptile room where it’s warm so it will ferment faster. (MAKE IT FIZZY.)



So, I’m sure you can imagine why I was like “I’ma make pancakes because I need something to be good and enjoyable but also not the bad stuff.” And said pancakes were such a disappointment that I went to the store and bought MORE FOOD. Partly because the only thing I was missing was a binding agent (usually eggs, but I can’t have eggs anymore) and they recommend gelatin. I’d looked for it several times but I was determined to find it this time. Plus, in spite of having gotten groceries on Friday, we were already out of things from dinner on Saturday. (that was fast…) Out of celery, even though we bought some on Friday. Almost out of bananas, but I’ll grab some when I’m actually out, and didn’t have anything for lunches for the week. I made chicken & veggie soup and it was pretty good, plus I got pork steaks for dinner this week. I also got bacon so I could make liver & onions with bacon, because the person who wrote the recipe LIED ON THE INTERNET and said it was good. Liver is super fucking weird. I cooked up the liver I got on Friday and I’m totally not sold on it. Super weird texture. (Yes, I’ve never had liver before. Apparently it’s gross, which was a good reason why.) I also got grapefruit, not because people think it helps them to lose weight (not a lot of actual evidence to back that up, but the myth persists) but because I love grapefruit and I quit eating it after it tried to kill me once.


Grapefruit does this thing where it allows things in your intestines to be absorbed faster. You should never, ever take medication when having anything to do with grapefruit. Don’t even sit next to it on the bus, because it will fuck you up. My particular case was cold medication. Tylenol complete, which came with it’s own set of problems, but anyway, Tylenol is designed to slowly release 4 hours of medication while being absorbed in the intestines. Grapefruit with Tylenol means that you get that 4 hours of pain/ sickness relief in about 25 minutes, which makes you feel like you’re going to die, and then throw up in a sink for a while because it literally gives you the same feeling as drinking too much alcohol. In addition, Tylenol complete has pseudo-ephedrine in it, which makes my heart go crazy, so I had to get my mom to drive from Surrey to Burnaby to get me home because I was SO damn sick. It was one of the few times I appreciated my awful coworker, who called our boss on my behalf to let her know that I was extremely sick and needed to go home.


Anyway. So today I had: Fruit salad for breakfast with Honey Bee tea, then soup for lunch, a grapefruit for a snack, and one piece of liver with some onions and bacon and a cup of Lemon Pound Cake tea. It wasn’t much, actually, which explains why I’m hungry now. Oh well, too late now. Besides, I don’t want anymore liver. Eugh. (There are 3 more pieces…)

Anyway, time to get to bed, I have to go to work tomorrow. Weekend, why u over so quickly? Not fair. What did I do this weekend? I cooked. I cleaned. I did a self-defense seminar. Then I cleaned. I cooked. (repeat x 3)


Day 14: Outlasted.