Two full weeks. Down 5 lbs. Made it through a family dinner with the Grumpiface clan with my diet intact. And I received two belated birthday gifts today! Yay! But let’s back up.

Back up

I planned to get up and go to the dojo for Fightfit this morning, but I slept in instead. It was great. Then I puttered around the house trying to decide what I was going to do and eventually decided to do DDP Yoga but I needed to find my discs and I’d put them away when we moved and it took me 15 minutes to find them. I finally found them, started to work out, realized how late it was and quit to go shower and get ready to go to the dojo for the self-defense seminar I promised to come help out at. I had a banana on my way over because I didn’t want to be trying to do things on a completely empty stomach. Then did the seminar, which went loooooong, and those ladies definitely got their money’s worth out of it (especially because it was free.) But it was fun, I enjoy people being shocked at how hard I can hit. (Come at me, bro!) And it’s always fun to watch that growing realization that these ladies get when they realize that they’re dangerous, if they choose to develop that in themselves. I’m wondering if any of them will decide to sign up.

one of us

Anyway. Came home. Drank water. Did dishes, tidied house, then Mr. Grumpiface came home with a gift for me! A Fitbit Blaze, which I decided I wanted when I saw my coworker with one and she showed me all the stuff it does. I’m very excited. Once it’s done charging and I can use it, I will be even more excited. I love how you get electronics as a gift and can picture some tech troll out there giggling, as you excited open the gift and then CAN’T PLAY WITH IT for about six hours, and you sit there checking it every five minutes because you want to play with it and you can’t. Thanks. (But honestly, I appreciate the gift very much.) So, The Grumpiface Clan arrived for dinner and brought me some yarn, VERY nice knitting needles and some loose leaf tea! I made some of said tea and we cooked in our new kitchen, Mr Grumpiface grilled steaks on the BBQ – theirs had worcestershire sauce & Montreal steak spice, mine had a homemade marinade of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, regular vinegar, garlic and all the spices I normally use. We made roasted potatoes for them, roasted sweet potatoes for us – roasted sweet potatoes are a little weird, and going to take some getting used to. Plus salad and a bowl of veggies, and I tried to make faux-guac for a dip but the avocados weren’t ripe enough and it didn’t really turn into guac, so I’ll just call it avocado & radish dip. That makes me feel better. (If at first you don’t succeed, alter the definition of your success!) “Good but weird” seems to be a running theme this week with the stuff I’ve made. I’m going to have to work on my inventions and make sure they’re feasible before acting on them.


For dessert, we had fruit salad – strawberry, watermelon, gala apple & banana, and said goodnight. Very successful evening. Very successful day! Excited for tomorrow though. I have elected to stay home the entire day! Yay! Good night!

Day 13: pwned.