Well, today was terrible. Not diet-wise, but a lot of things were very disagreeable this morning. My bus driver drove like an old lady and rode the brake all the way downtown, so I was late and motion sick this morning. One of my trades wouldn’t go through no matter what I did and I had to give up on it. An advisor was legitimately angry about something but didn’t understand that I am not the person to help him, and called me repeatedly this morning. Plus, I bit into a piece of pineapple (which was supposed to be my afternoon snack, but unfortunately, I dropped my lunch bag on the bus and my banana got mashed) and it shot pineapple juice up my nose.


So I had that for breakfast, with Lemon Pound Cake Tea and honey, then beef soup for lunch (Pretty sure I’m just going to dump the rest of it and remember this very important lesson about apple cider vinegar) and then I was supposed to have a snack at 3ish, but I’d already eaten it. I went to the store and decided not to buy any food went back with some ingredients for non-dairy, non=meat, non-gluten dinner rolls. But no snack – I figured I’d just wait until I got home. So I got on the bus and went to Rocky’s Meat in Burnaby to pick up steaks (the Grumpiface family is coming for dinner tomorrow) and on the way, Mr Grumpiface called to say he couldn’t meet me for a while, he was still working. So I got steaks and chatted with the owner, who used to go to Master Gee’s and is a black belt, until I wandered down to Safeway to pick up things there. I bought liver. I don’t know what to do with it yet, but it’s supposed to be really good for you. Anyway, Mr Grumpiface picked me up, we went to Canadian Tire to get my jar for making kombucha, and stopped one or two more places before finally coming home. My brother called me and I chatted with him for 35 minutes because I haven’t talked to him in a while, and found out he let his WoW account lapse because he doesn’t play. Sad face.


Anyway. Made ground pork mixed with vegan mayo and mushrooms on salad, with a bottle of kombucha from the store. Afterward, I started marinating steaks  – Worcestershire & Montreal steak spice for the others and a homemade marinade of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar and spices for me. Put those in the fridge, and started  following Miss Sassiface’s instructions on making kombucha. This is where I learned something about myself: I do not follow directions well. I randomly added more sugar, and added all the starter tea instead of just the two cups she’d indicated (well, she said at least two cups… I just put in all of it.) Plus I think it was still too warm when I put the scoby in. I’m worried that it was too hot. Or my house is too cold. I don’t know. Aliens.


But here’s the thing. I came home at nearly seven, and spent two and a half hours in the kitchen, moving, walking, making a mess that I don’t intend to clean up, and I was tired but I didn’t mind doing it. A few months ago, I would’ve found 15 minutes in the kitchen to be too long. Now I’m cooking and chopping and making things for myself to try to work on getting healthy. I even chopped up some fruit for bottling kombucha but then I realized that it would be a few days before I bottle it, and so I ate it. Watermelon, strawberry and gala apple. Small but delicious fruit salad.

And that was my day! I am going to bed soon though, because I am certain I am about to fall asleep. Good night, weirdos!

Day 12: Demolished.