This morning on the  bus along Hastings, I saw a grown man with pink hair wearing a pink unicorn onesie walking through moving traffic while shouting and gesturing angrily behind him. I am certain there were drugs involved.


Hey kids, wanna try some meth?

Second, I brought my work clothes in a bag so I could change when I arrived and wear my comfy clothes on the bus. However, when I changed, my shirt smelled awful and I have no idea why – it was clean, it was in a basket of clean laundry, there’s no reason why it should have smelled like rotten M&Ms. So, I wore my new black tank top with a big-ass skull on it with a sweater over it and repeatedly explained why. It sparked the question of whether it was better to wear an inappropriate shirt or an appropriate one that smelled bad. These are the things that take up my day. Aside from doing actual work, which I did, I had lunch with Miss Sassiface and she gave me a scoby for making kombucha. It’s basically a gross-look flap of yuck, like an extremely moldy pancake, except not moldy and not a pancake. (Do not eat) So tomorrow I will begin making my own kombucha, which is good because I bought one for myself today and it was like five bucks. Highway fucking robbery.


Anyway. I had a banana this morning – shocking, I know, it’s almost like I eat them EVERY FUCKING MORNING so maybe I should just let people assume that I had my daily banana and move the fuck on. Lunch with Miss Sassiface was a bit later than I usually eat so I got really hungry around noon and ate my apple. Then I had lunch with Miss Sassiface and had a big salad with ham and cranberries and stuff, with balsamic vinegar dressing. I ate the rest of the salad around 3 and then didn’t eat again until I came home from the dojo, when I had salad with pork and the weird yam stuff I made the other day. It’s not bad, but I think I would do it differently (or not at all) in the future.

Top it all off, I had a bunch of strawberries because they were on the verge of being inedible and I didn’t want to throw them out, so I played WoW on my computer, watched Downton Abbey on my tablet and ate strawberries. It’s a hard life. Honestly.

Day 11: Thrashed.