Well, today started off with refusing to get out of bed on time and snowballed into not wanting to go to work, not wanting to work when there, and not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. I was just so tired today, I don’t know why. Maybe the 3 illicit potatoes were at fault. I don’t know. But I was dragging trying to walk up the hill to the bus stop today. Anyway. I stuck to the diet. I did. I desperately wanted a cheat today. Someone had Timmie’s breakfast sandwiches on the bus. I didn’t see them, I could smell them and be like “Oh fuck, that’s a Sausage English Muffin. Maybe two. Ahhh fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck. Give me one.” But I didn’t mug anyone for their breakfast on the bus. I was good.


Anyway, I had a banana, Queen of Tarts tea for breakfast, my weird beef concoction which shall not be repeated for lunch, and then at about 4 pm, I got some fruit from the store because I was desperate and about to fail my will save and go get a burger. Then I came home and made something weird. I had cooked up ground pork with mushrooms on Monday and I’ve been eating that with guacamole, but I’m out of guac and my avocados aren’t ripe, so I decided to take the last third of the giant yam and boil it to make mashed yam, which would be like sweet potato, right? Then I was like “I have a great idea” and added vegan mayo, garlic, herbs & onion to it. It’s good… but weird. Like, I’ll eat more of it tomorrow, but it’s definitely not one of my more impressive inventions. Oh, I mixed it with the pork and put it on salad. I didn’t just eat 4 servings of yam by myself.

Anyway, I skipped FightFit because I was tired and also because I was doing the dishes while watching Daredevil and didn’t realize that I was going to be late, so I was like “oh darn. Time to play WoW.” And play WoW I did. I hit level 80 with my human Paladin. Now I need my Blood Elf to catch up.

Day 10: Beat.