Okay, so today was Administrative Professionals Day and my boss took the staff out to lunch to celebrate all the hard work we do. Since adhering to most diets at restaurants is usually not easy, at the AIP diet has enough exclusions to boggle the mind when trying to find something you can eat without modifying it too much… I had a little cheat. Just a little one, I swear! I didn’t have any dairy, of course since it would make me extremely ill, and it wasn’t bread or rice, it was…


Three halves of new potatoes. So like, one-and-a-half of the little ones. I don’t even like potatoes that much. But they came with my steak & steamed veggies, and I was hungry and they were on my plate, so I ate them. All 3 of them. And they were delicious, because illicit potatoes are always better than regular potatoes. That’s how vodka happened.


Anyway. Day went: Banana for breakfast with Queen of Tarts tea, which was quite good. Then lunch with boss, steak & steamed veggies and illicit potatoes. Then a gala apple snack. Came home, ate salad with pork & faux-guac (is it faux guac if it still has avocado and salt? Those are like the main ingredients, right?) and then I went to the dojo. We were having a self-defense seminar for women and I got to help out with that for a bit. We’re having another one on Saturday and I volunteered to come in for that too. It was fun. Plus, Master Gee introduced me as “one of our black belts” and it made me go “eeeeeeeeeeeeee” inside because I haven’t let myself think of myself as a black belt until I get it all sorted with the run & injury stuff, so it meant a lot for Master Gee to say that. Now I’m even more pumped to do this thing and get back to class, because I’M A BLACK BELT, MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Day 9: Unsatisfying win by decision, due to minor cheat in the 2nd round.