Holy crap. I took FightFit at the dojo tonight and found out that I am WAY more out of shape than I thought I was. FightFit is the fitness class offered by the dojo, think super-intense pilates with punching and kicking and (for me) a complete lack of coordination. It’s embarrassing. There are some moves that I just can’t figure out. I watch Mrs. Gee, it looks simple, my body just won’t follow. Wrong leg, wrong kick, wrong way. Shame.


Anyway. I was supposed to start doing DDPYoga again this morning but then I didn’t get out of bed when I was supposed to, so that didn’t happen. Banana for breakfast. Last of the Turkey + Mushroom soup for lunch. Gala apple for a snack with an iced tea from DavidsTea because I wanted to try the Grapefruit Granita, which was good but I’m not 100% sold on it yet. Need further testing. Then I stopped at the store before I came home and bought some things – Thyme, romaine lettuce and some ground pork, because I worry that the sausage I was eating probably had non-AIP ingredients in it. Went home, changed, did FightFit, stuck around the dojo for a while until my legs stopped shaking, went home and cooked a delicious meal of ground pork with herbs and mushrooms on salad with the fake Guac I made yesterday for dressing. It’s still really good. I am so good at this.


Anyway. I lost 3 lbs last week, so hopefully with the addition of exercise, I can start to see some real progress with this bitch.

Day 8: Trounced.