Alright, so I think that I’m really starting to feel better. Fewer shooting pains in my body and more energy, I think. Probably. My digestion definitely feels better. Plus, I’m eating way more interesting stuff, for the most part (except like half my meals are still soup, so… yeah.)

Today I had a banana for breakfast, with a cup on Honey Bee tea with honey. I’ve only got a little bit of Honey Bee left, I love it but it’s been discontinued for the time being. This is the last of the 250 g I bought before it went off the shelves. Anyway, we did a bunch of cleaning because we were having people over to continue a DnD campaign we started with my buddy is running, and we played that from 2-9 today. I’m a Barbarian Broch, which is a hybrid of humans and badgers. I’m a fucking beast, it’s super fun.

BADGERI had a bowl of the slow-cooker concoction and it wasn’t bad but it was rather weird. Too much apple cider vinegar made it too sweet and sweet beef soup is just weird. Maybe some people will like it, but I’m not looking forward to how much of it I’m going to have to eat. (There’s still a lot left.) I had another cup of Honey Bee because my beef soup was weird and it made me sad.

Afterward, I made chicken breast with garlic salt and put it with salad, topped with an improvised guacamole since I really needed to use my avocados. The AIP diet means no peppers, no cayenne and no tomatoes, so it was going to be super bland, so instead, I blended the avocado with vegan mayo, added 2 cloves of garlic, and some finely-chopped (read: food processed) onion & radish, oregano and basil for flavouring. It was delicious. I’m going to do it again tomorrow, but I’m out of salad and need to make more. Anyway, had that with a cup of Lemon Pound Cake tea and grapes to snack on for the rest of the night.

At the end of things, I have lost a grand total of 1 pound, so FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK everything, but hey I feel a lot better, so let’s just keep going, shall we? Besides, I managed to keep to my diet while gaming, and that’s actually really hard because my favourite part of gaming is eating junk food, so that’s an accomplishment, right? RIGHT?

Day 7: Crushed.