It’s Saturday and I got up at 8:30 to skytrain out to Surrey, which is uncharacteristic of me because normally I stay up late and then sleep late on Saturday and ruin my sleeping schedule. But my sister, my niece and I went alllll the way out to Abbotsford to go to the Reptile Expo. So I had my banana on the way there and then we walked around the Expo for a few hours and I was this close to buying a $600 Red Tegu named Chubbles and then telling everyone he was a dog with a skin condition.


Apparently they’re rather like dogs, they’ll eat anything smaller than them, and they like being cuddled and petted. I wanted him so much, but I think a free roaming giant lizard might be a bit of a strain on our landlords’ tolerance, since their original decision was “no pets”.

Anyway. After we saw adorable baby ball pythons, the cutest baby boas, itty-bitty baby corn snakes, there were also these unbelievably tiny cresties that were SO ADORABLE I wanted to buy one for Mr. Grumpiface but he said no. (Harley is too old for a roommate. She might eat it.) There were really pretty adult snakes and geckos and I wanted to play with all of them, but eventually we decided to leave so we didn’t bring home more pets.

We went to a park and had our lunch. They had delicious looking sandwiches, but I had turkey salad with vegan mayo, (since AIP = no eggs) romaine lettuce, radish, carrots, celery, green onion, mushrooms and dried cranberries. It was very good. Then a quick fruit salad for dessert (granny smith apple, banana, grapes & strawberries) and a bunch of water. Then we went to the mall in Tsawwassen and went to Hot Topic, where I bought MANY cool things and spent all my Hot Cash (which is money they give you for spending money to be used later.)

Then I came home, snuggled my Francis, and ate the remainder of my picnic lunch. Good night, Day 6.