SO! My day went from “you slept in, you better hurry” to being on time for work(ish) and having my banana, another bowl of turkey soup, a walk around Robson st, then back to work, back home aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my shoes squeaked because…


Apparently the heavy, torrential rain we had today created some kind of back-up in the storm drain and stuff and nonsense later, there was water and silt through the house from the bedroom to the door and it was not okay. See, I skipped my afternoon apple because I figured I’d just eat when I got home, but then I got home and spent 2.5 hours cleaning the mess up with Mr. Grumpiface and our landlords. Now there’s a fucking noisy dehumidifier in the bedroom, sucking the air dry so that the floors don’t warp since they’re new. The only good thing that happened was that we spent some time with our landlords and their dog, Ellie, who barks at us all the time, was walking around and being relatively friendly and we got to play with her a bit before she was like “no treat? no dog.”

Anyway. Here’s my day:

Breakfast: Banana. Genmatcha green tea.

Lunch: Turkey soup. Lemon Pound Cake tea.

Dinner part I: The last of the lettuce wraps.

Snack: Spartan apple.

Dinner part II: Turkey meat on green salad with balsamic dressing.

And I was SO CLOSE to cheating. So close. But I didn’t. And since my life is now a shitty Kevin Costner movie, I’m going to play WoW like I don’t have to work tomorrow. Except I do. Fuck.


Just kidding. The water is all cleaned up, but our stuff is everywhere. I would love to have a couple weeks of living here where we don’t have to keep half our shit outside because BEING A GROWN-UP IS DUMB.