Holy fuck, I have a headache. Make it stop. Shoot morphine into my brain. Ugh. This not-having-sugar was a terrible idea. Please kill me.

Morning: Banana, Lemon Pound Cake tea with honey, water. More tea. More water. So many bathroom breaks.

Lunch: Turkey soup with mushrooms. Needs more mushrooms next time. Pink Lemonade tea. Water. Watched most of God Bless America.

Afternoon: Granny Smith Apple. Water.

Dinner part 1: Lettuce wraps from yesterday. Still delicious. I’m finding that I eat smaller meals now so I eat when I get home at 5:30ish and then again at like 8:30, which leads us to…

Dinner part 2: Turkey on green salad (romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, celery, mushrooms, green onions aaaaand radish. With balsamic dressing. Delicious.

I’m still waiting for things to stop randomly hurting. I just got a pain through my elbow for no reason. Not cool, bro. I’m doing all this for you. I’m so tired. So… so tired.

I’m going to make dinner from Mr. Grumpiface’s family this weekend and I don’t know what to make, but whatever it is, I’ll still be having my diet stuff. Anyway.

Day 3: Beat.