Alright, here we are, day 2 of The Endeavor, and moving right along! I had a banana for breakfast with water and a pot of Lemon Pound Cake tea with honey because honey is a sometimes food and I felt like this morning was sometimes. My face was twitching really bad today, so it’s been very hard to concentrate on anything, and I’m wondering what’s causing it. Maybe it’s my jaw, maybe it’s a nutritional imbalance, maybe it’s stress/being overtired, or maybe my body just hates me and wants me to suffer. That seems to be a theme.

Anyway! Moving on. Turkey & Mushroom soup for lunch. It was delicious, and I shut my office door and watched Avengers: Age of Ultron for about half an hour, so that was fun. Then I took a walk down to the super-fucking-expensive grocery store and bought some things I’m out of, like garlic, an onion, chives & some avocados. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the avocados yet, but all the Paleo recipes have them on salads and shit, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Next, my afternoon apple & cup of tea. Lemon Pound Cake again, but I oversteeped it and it’s a little bitter. I’ve also had a lot of water today and have been making trips to the bathroom every hour, just about. I’m not very good about drinking water so I really have to remind myself to do so, but tea is another story. I love me some tea.

After work, I had the chance to test out my lettuce wraps. I made the innards last night out of sausage, yam, onion, mushrooms, celery and carrots, plus a fuckload of garlic since I can’t eat any spicy spices anymore, like pepper, anything made from peppers, or anything with flavour, so I use a lot of salt and garlic until I can amass a better collection of herbs. Anyway. I ate the lettuce wraps with the above-mentioned innards and Ho.Lee.Shit. It was fantastic. So tasty. I’m so impressed with myself. I’m awesome.

So, naturally, I had more when I got home from the dojo and now I ate too much, but god damn, these were amazing. I am so full now. I feel like a beach ball with tiny, ineffectual limbs with which I am typing this out. Worth it.

Day 2: Rocked.