Welcome to 2015, the year of gettin’ shit done. I’m feeling a bit tired of starting each year exactly the same place as the last. Well, not exactly the same place. I put things in motion last year, so I’m starting out with an actual plan to get my shit together and make some life progress. I feel like my game of life has been on pause while my player was out getting snacks.

Sky Kitty BurritoBut big things are going to happen this year. Regardless of how my situation goes, I will have a new job in March. Work has been super stressful, because my coworker keeps threatening to try to commit suicide again, so she can’t work, she can’t stay home and she isn’t any use when she’s in the office, so now I have to do my regular job, her job, plus handle the contracting for our brokers as we try to get them moved, which is a lot of motherfucking work, for the same pay I’ve always made. Plus, my boss caught a cold and then gave it to me, so I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to do three times the work I normally do with a shitty cold. It was rough. I had a line on another job, but the person who was supposed to NOT be coming back from maternity leave … came back. Go take care of your spawn! I want your job!

Give it to meSo, I’m looking for work, because I’m pretty sure that I won’t be with this new company for long. I don’t want to work downtown and I definitely don’t want to work for people who don’t want me there. They’re only taking us as part of the sale. Annoying coworker won’t be going to the new company, because she’s too unstable to be recommended for a job. She’s very angry that she’s not going, because she can’t get another job… but that’s because she can’t be trusted not to try to kill herself. She needs help, and she won’t accept it from all the people who are trying to help her. She’s been coming into the office and complaining at me all day, but she’s not supposed to be at work. Her doctor thinks it’s a bad place for her to be, and she’s in a mental institution right now, so she’s supposed to listen to him, but she’s not. She’s lying to him about where she is, and lying to her friends and family, then depending on me and my boss to take care of her – but that’s not our job. I know, I sound like a super-cruel, horrible selfish person for not wanting to deal with my coworker… but I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I have HATED this woman ever since I met her, and having someone that I loathe, who is the same age as my father, expect me to take care of her because she doesn’t want to listen to the people who actually care about her… that’s pushing me to my breaking point. But my boss won’t tell her to stay in the facility or deal with her own shit. She says that we have to be patient with her. I’ve been patient for over four years and I haven’t killed her yet. I feel like I’ve been patient enough.

I Dare YouSo, work is fucking stupid and I hate everyone except my coworker that works off-site, because she’s awesome. I have always wished that she lived here and worked in the office and the other one worked off-site. She’s been awesome and understanding that I’ve just been crushed under the weight of everything that has to be done and is trying to help out as much as possible, while also being frustrated that no one other than me tells her what’s going on with her job. So, I’m not the only one having a rough time right now – we’re all going crazy.

In an attempt to keep myself sane, I’ve started having a tea party at my house once a month. I have a facebook group called Tea & Strumpets, though I have a couple dudes in there too. We meet up, eat lots of deliciousness and drink lots of delicious loose-leaf tea, and chat. Last time we played some video games too. The next one is called The Lemon Party (because I am a twelve-year-old) and it’s all lemon-flavoured food. I’m making lemon cupcakes, and Mr. Grumpiface’s little brother, Mr. Musicface, is making lemon meringue pie. Another friend, Ms. Hobbitface, is making lemon cookies, and there will be lemon tea available too. So. Much. Lemon. Anyway, the parties have been SOoooo much fun, and I’m really enjoying organizing and promoting the parties. I’m also learning to decorate cakes and things, because Ms. Hobbitface has been teaching me. We made this for Mr. Grumpiface’s birthday:

Curse your sudden bit inevitable betrayalIt took me 3 hours to find dinosaurs, and I had to buy about twenty of them to get those two. Plus, that’s Serenity at the top corner. I’ll be making a birthday cake by myself (since Ms. Hobbitface decorated that entirely by herself, because I didn’t want to fuck it up) this weekend for Mr. Musicface, so I’ll let you know how that goes. It’s probably going to look like one of those “Nailed it” cakes… Fuck.

Ariel-for-Nailed-It-Princess-Cakes Anyway. In other news, we got a new snake. She’s Mr. Grumpiface’s snake, because she’s a bit too big for me to handle by myself. She’s a Dumeril’s boa, and Mr. Grumpiface named her Jezebelle. She seems to be adjusting to us now, but she’s still a bit skittish. We’re getting her used to being handled often again, as she wasn’t being taken out often enough with her old humans. She also has a bigger tank now, because we swapped her tank with Francis’, since her tank was smaller than his and he’s significantly smaller than her. (She will eat him if they ever meet, so they don’t get to meet.) Francis and Jezebelle are now out in the main room, so it’s nice to have them out here where we can see them. I think Francis got too used to being in the reptile room with the geckos, and being left alone by humans. I take him out more often now, so I’m not sure if he’s enjoying it. I learned to crochet, so I made him a granny-square blanket. He likes going through all the holes in the blanket, it’s adorable! I will eventually get a video of it and post it here.

10721334_10152521903183512_15074000_nSo, martial arts… There’s no pictures from last belt promotion, we forgot to take any, and I was sad afterward. (I also greatly increased my appreciation for Mr. Lau at the dojo, because he takes amazing photos, totally free and everything. Thanks for everything you do for us, sir!) My last belt promotion was in December, and I promoted to brown belt. I was really sick at the time, and it was pretty much the worst belt promotion I’d had in a long time, so I don’t mind that there are no pictures of me fucking up. This term was supposed to be better, but with work so stressful, I was too tired to go to class after work rather often in January, and then the last two weeks, I’ve been sick with this awful cold, so now it’s down to crunch time. I should have gone to class, regardless of how tired I was, but not when I’m sick. I have a rule that when I’m sick, I stay home as much as possible, because I don’t want to give it to anyone else. (Except to my annoying coworker. I licked her coffee cup and sneezed on her keyboard… on purpose.) People end up rolling around on the floor and wrestling around at the dojo, so if you go there sick (or bring your germy fucking kid) then everyone fucking gets it. GermsSo, I have lots going on, but I haven’t really been dealing with much of it. Now that my cold is pretty much gone, I need to go to class and work out my rage there, instead of lying on the couch watching Netflix, which I’ve been enjoying. So, if anyone wants to hire a tiny, rage-fueled weirdo who likes snakes and Star Trek, and on occasion is the office administrator for an insurance brokerage, please let me know. I want to work in Burnaby, because that’s where I live… but in the meantime, I can deal with downtown.

Oh, and just so you know… you’re all awesome, and I’m unbelievably grateful to have wonderful friends in my life who put up with my rants. You guys are amazing!

Snake heart