Last year, I wrote this post about reaching my first milestone of the diet. Now, I’m writing it again, and going “wait, I think we’ve been here before.” And we have, but apparently we’re back.

derpyhoovesI don’t actually watch My Little Pony, but my niece loves it. I’ve also heard it’s hilarious.

So, the diet and exercise is working. I’m actually down about 6.5 lbs now, because apparently I’m on a roll faster than I can write. What I’ve been doing is basically a paleo diet with one cheat meal per week. I start the day with my protein shake (which is mixed with chocolate soy milk because hemp protein tastes like the kind of plants you’re not supposed to eat.) and then I have my tuna salad. It’s a can of tuna mixed with chopped veggies – red, yellow and orange peppers, celery, green onion, banana peppers, pickles, hemp hearts and dried cranberries. It is delicious. That’s about at 11:30 AM. Then at 2:30 ish, I have grilled chicken with salsa on my salad, and a piece of fruit. Then I go home, go to martial arts, come home and have chicken and salad (again.) Sometimes I have ground turkey with chopped vegetables and salsa, which is also delicious. If I’m dying for a snack, I’ll have some almonds or a rice cake with peanut butter. (You’ll recall how I feel about rice cakes, so they’re not “required eating” for this year. Otherwise I would have quit already.)

So! I am approaching my goal! Hurray! Now I just need to do something about the annoying dude at the gym with us in the morning who has no concept of gym etiquette… takes more than one set of weights, hogs one of the benches while he plays on his phone…

NO ONE ignores gym etiquette and walks away.

Also, I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy and it’s awesome. Highly recommended. If you need a distraction from life, this will distract you for a couple weeks while you binge watch this. Oh, and I’ve been super excited about the new Outlander series, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, which I’ve been reading since I was 15. They are absolutely fantastic books and if you haven’t started reading them, you’d best get on that. Hilarity will ensue. They’ve been talking about making a movie of the first book for a long time, but the first couple times it was discussed, they were talking about making the main character (Claire) American. Aaaand doing so would basically negate EVERYTHING about the books, including the nickname Jamie has for Claire and therefore the title of the book. So now that they’ve made a series about it, it’s been extremely close to the book for the first two episodes I’ve seen, which, by definition, makes the series absolutely fantastic. The characters are perfect!

JamieOh, and Guardians of the Galaxy was good. New Ninja Turtles movie was not. DAMN YOU, MICHAEL BAY AND EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS MOVIE. DAMN YOU.

And now, good night, internet. I must go to sleep so that I can wake up and lift heavy things for no reason.