It’s that time of year again! Not BBQ time, not beach time… it’s sixteen weeks out from the Sandra Wickham Fitness Show! So, that means that we’re back on the diet, (NOOOOOOOO) and back in the gym 4 days a week, in addition to martial arts training 2-4 times a week. So, that’s the plan. We’re doing weights Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and cardio on Tuesday & (maybe) Saturday. So, you know how I was all like “I’m totally going to do it this year!”? Yeah, that didn’t really happen…

400x400_1380121978113-ashamed-catBut I can’t do the thing we did last year, where we ate chicken breast & brown rice and vegetables for EVERY meal until I was some kind of homicidal maniac with a death wish, so I thought about blowing up EVERYTHING as the most reasonable response to a problem. Now, Mr Grumpiface can eat kibble for every meal, but I just… can’t. Well, I could, but this isn’t prison so I don’t have to. So, I will be looking for new and interesting ways to keep my diet interesting. Any advice or recipe suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if you should have time to forward me any. (The diet is basically paleo with a little bit of rice thrown in.) You know what sucks about dieting? Aside from everything and being awake, dieting means having to eat vegetables.

grumpy cat-001In other ninja-related news, I have belt promotion THIS Thursday! EEEEK. I am already nervous and don’t want to do it. I have to go up by myself, do my curriculum from this term AND my extra curriculum, and try not fuck it up in front of a room full of people who are watching me as I try not to fuck up. Mr Grumpiface and all the people that I’ve trained with will be there. I still have an injured hamstring, and I have 5 combinations that I am still not great at… Plus the part where Master Gee is going to be sitting there, judging me, making me redo anything I didn’t do correctly at first… I hope he doesn’t say anything or do that thing where he talks for five minutes while I’m waiting to do my combinations… (Master Gee is a little unpredictable.) I cannot express how terrified I am right now. Just thinking about it is making me laugh inappropriately and it’s making my hands shake.

scared-catOr, that might be the sugar-detox. (Yes, I need to do a sugar-detox because I eat a lot of sugar and that’s really bad for me, shut up, because sugar is delicious.) Or it might be the fact that it’s fucking COLD in here because the A/C is cranked in spite of the fact that it’s sort of overcast today. (w00t overcast!) Either way, this whole double promotion thing was a terrible decision and I sincerely wish that I hadn’t decided to double promote this term ever.

i-have-made-huge-mistake-7But now I’m stuck doing it, so… Fuck. *screaming internally*