So, interestingly enough, I’ve been doing all our social media work for the company I work for. This means a couple different things – a) that I am now using Facebook and Twitter for business, and therefore having to constrain myself because apparently I can be rather offensive, b) that I am now arguing with my boss once or twice a week about how social media works and why she should just LET ME DO IT and c) that I’m using a website that is powered by WordPress, and by the end of the day, I’m so bloody annoyed by it that I come home and go “Holy fuck, I am NOT messing around with this shit any longer.”

fuck this shitWow, that was a super long sentence. It’s not all bad though – frustrating as hell at times, but I’m actually getting to use my writing degree for something other than my trifle of a blog; now, I also use it for my company’s trifle of a blog. Sometimes writing articles on why people should buy insurance is a little bit galling, so I like to focus on why our brokers shouldn’t rely on outdated sales techniques involving manipulation and force. We are pushing client relationships and building trust, and that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

warm and gooeyWarm and gooey… mmmnomnomnom…

Buuuuuut I do have a couple updates. For one, I missed a term at the dojo because of my stupid leg injury, so I’m trying to make up for it now by doing twice as many classes as normal and double-promoting. I am learning tornado kicks right now, and I’m pretty much terrible at them, but I will learn… eventually… except that I might have reinjured myself on Wednesday. Not sure yet. I kicked, I felt something snap all the way up the back of my left leg (not the same leg I injured before) and then I crumpled to the floor. It was weird, because it didn’t even hurt, but I could feel that it was not good. So, the next thing I know, Master & Mrs Gee are standing around me while I’m sitting on the floor like a dumbass, and all I can think of is not wanting to tell Mr. Grumpiface that I have hurt myself AGAIN.


Luckily, it wasn’t that bad. Mrs Gee put me through her torturous rigor of acupressure and told me that my problem resides in my lower back and I need to do more back stretches before class. So, that could have been a lot worse, and I’m glad it wasn’t. Another distraction I’ve had lately has been that Mr. Grumpiface plays Warmachine and currently has about 4 shelves of mostly unpainted models. We started painting them together and I’ve really taken a liking to it. I was surprised, I thought it would take a lot of artistic skill, but apparently all you need is to be an incredibly determined perfectionist. First we painted a cavalry dude red & gold, and then he gave me some Cygnars (which are these big sorta robot guys) to paint, which he promptly sold to a buddy’s buddy. I wasn’t angry, but I was a little offended. I spent hours on those guys and he just sells them??? But then he told me how much he stood to make, and I was like “God damn, good job. Alright.” Mr. Grumpiface also just bought some models from some other guy, and that guy did a shitty job painting them, so I’ve been cleaning them up. They’re these wolfy things that look like this:  Wolfy thingsMiddle Wolfy is the new guy that I’ve been working on repainting. Wolfy 1 & 3 already belonged to Mr. Grumpiface, so I’m trying to get them all to look as much alike as possible. It’s been very good for the diet, because painting occupies your hands, so you’re not just sitting there snacking for hours on end. Speaking of the diet though… that hasn’t been going so well. Being unprepared is the number one cause of diet failures and it was the cause of this one. We will get back on it on Monday (promise!) after we get some provisions and do food prep. We’ve just been having a lot of bad luck lately, what with us both pulling hamstrings (he was competing against Mr. Laziface doing a jump front kick competition at the Fight for Fun tournament at the dojo and tried a little bit too hard.)



I didn’t go to the tournament because I had been planning on going to a friend’s Goth picnic in Stanley Park, but it was raining so they postponed it, but by the time we saw the message we were dressed & ready to head over, and the tournament would have been mostly over by then. I have been making a bustier out of an old bra and an old satin scarf, and while it wasn’t exactly the way I pictured it – and not quite finished, to be honest – it didn’t look too bad. I wore it out to Sin City that night and had a complete stranger come up to me to tell me that my outfit was amazing. I was pleased, because I worked on it for a long time, it was repurposed clothing I already owned and didn’t pay a gajillion dollars for. I was rather proud of it.

BustierI made that! I’m awesome!

Plus, the rain last weekend caused some kind of back up in our pipes and resulted in our bathroom & kitchen flooding, which, after a great deal of clean up, resulted in pizza for dinner. Oh, and we both came down with colds earlier this month, which meant a week of eating chicken soup and cough drops for me. The hardest thing about dieting actually wanting to put the effort into making something that is ultimately disappointing. If someone else made my food for me, it would be so much easier… But hey, Monday is another chance to try again, because everyone knows that diets can’t start until Monday.


Until next time… peace out, bitches!