I know I haven’t posted in like, forever. That’s because… reasons. And not just any reasons – actual, real reasons that involve me doing things, like leaving my house, instead of eating packaged food and watching old episodes of NCIS. (I’m still like, 4 seasons behind, but I can’t watch the new episodes until I’ve seen the old episodes, and I couldn’t remember where I was and had to really far back… anyway.)
So, first off, on the exciting stuff this year and Reason the First why I haven’t posted: I got my tattoo, and I kept meaning to post a picture of it here, so here it is:

ImageThat’s the day I got it, so it’s not red (or bleeding) anymore. Yay. Amusingly enough, when I sat down in the chair, directly in front of me was a drawing of Mr. Grumpiface’s back piece, which the artist is incredibly proud of. Looking at the detail and the hours that Mr. Grumpiface endured for his artwork, I found myself able to shut up and deal with the pain slightly better than I would have if I hadn’t had a constant reminder that what I had to go through was really not that bad. Sometimes, being reminded that someone else went through worse is all you need to get through something.

Next, we had Mr. Grumpiface’s birthday party! It was a large party, and we got to see many people we had not seen in a very long time, so that was lovely. We were able to integrate several groups of friends and introduce them to each other, which I have been looking forward to doing for a long time. I had been intending to throw a surprise party for Mr. Grumpiface, but as he went ahead and made his own plans, I abandoned mine and found a way to surprise him at his party. With the gracious help from Mr. Laziface, I managed to smuggle in 4 bunches of balloons, streamers, weird decoration thingies and party plates and napkins – all of which were BATMAN! themed. The cake was BATMAN! themed as well, and it was delicious.


I also got him a treasure chest pinata, and in true Grumpiface fashion, he spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out which weapon would be most appropriate to smash it with. In the end, he chose the telescoping baton. All our friends made the evening absolutely wonderful, and I know Mr. Grumpiface was grateful for all the love and well-wishes he received that evening.

Following that, some friends and I went to a club we’d never been to before and really enjoyed it. We had a great time, and now Mr. Grumpiface and I are considering going to their event next weekend. The venue is a de-sanctified (can you even do that? Is that like in Supernatural where you suck the grace out of someone with a needle? Because that seems a little harsh…) church called Chapel Arts, and the event is called Noir. We had a great time, we felt welcome and everyone was very friendly. Definitely recommend it to anyone interested!

And, more recently, I signed up for the leadership program at the dojo. I have been thinking about it for some time now, and I knew it was going to happen eventually. I decided that I didn’t want to wait anymore, because this term they’re learning bo staff, and that’s the one I really wanted to learn. Plus, I needed a new uniform. The regular program has a white uniform, which was getting so old and had been washed with black clothes and Mr. Grumpiface’s black Gii so many times that it was turning grey, and no amount of bleach seemed to help. I decided that, if I was going to buy a new uniform, then I might as well buy the black one. It was worth it just for the pants – the black pants are WAY more comfortable, but I’m not sure what the difference is. But, more is expected of leadership students, so I’ve made the commitment to step up my game… even though I sometimes feel that, because of my shape, my lack of flexibility and my astonishing ability to hurt myself doing the simplest tasks, I don’t belong in the advanced class. I wonder, sometimes, if everyone looks at themselves and thinks they should be better than they are. I know Mr. Grumpiface doesn’t, and I think “It must be nice to have that kind of confidence!” and then I think that if that’s what I want, then I’d better put the work into earning it. You don’t start out with that confidence, you build it. I want to do this someday – so I’d better start working for it now:


And my final reason for not posting is… I have two posts that are half-finished, but I’ve taken on an after-hours temporary job that means that the time I would normally spend writing to you lovely people about the inane shit I do in my life, I am now spending doing something incredibly fucking boring. I’ll get on the next two posts soon, but to be honest, I kind of shuffled this to the bottom of my priority list, because I’m pretty sure most of the people who read my blog already know about all this, and unnecessary repetition is unnecessary. But I will try to write something more interesting, maybe in a few days.