So, my awesome brother is buying me a tattoo for Christmas. I have a tattoo, but it was poorly done and faded badly. Here’s a picture:
Image(I did a sort-of modeling photo shoot thingy with my sister and my friend, who is an excellent amateur photographer… the height of self-indulgent narcissism, I AM AWARE. But this is the only picture I could find showing my tattoo, so… STOP JUDGING ME, ALRIGHT?)

So, the tattoo looks like crap and it’s not even shaped correctly, so I’m getting it covered up. So, here are a few images from the internet that I like, that I have been thinking about using to cover up the embarrassment on my Deltoid:

ImageCool, right? Also:


And numero tres:

ImageOh, and this one too:

ImageAnd lastly:
I like Celtic knots, and I would like to get something that is meaningful. So, send me your ideas, your opinions, your comments, because I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion on this before I got a tattoo the first time, and if I had, I might not be getting it covered up now. Sometimes, the comments you don’t want to hear are the ones you needed to hear.
So, weigh in, people! Which one do you like best?

Also, if you have any interesting Celtic knot tattoo pictures or ideas, send them my way!