Well, it’s that day. It’s the day that the entirety my possessions will be relocated to Mr. Grumpiface’s house and I will have to say goodbye to what was my home for over a year. I’ve never really felt this way about leaving a place before. They were always just rooms to me, but this one is different. I think, because of the circumstances under which I moved in there, this place was more than a home, it was a sanctuary – a place where I could heal and recover from the last time I tried to live with Mr. Grumpiface. 

ImageEveryone is asking me why I think this time will be different, and telling me that it’s a bad idea. But I don’t have to explain my life choices to anyone, particularly because I don’t usually question anyone else’s. It’s their responsibility to think their choices through, just like this one is mine. Also, I’m excited about the prospect of getting to spend more time with Mr. Grumpiface, who is so busy that I really only get to see him at the gym, in class and on weekends. Kind of hard to be like “hey, there, why don’t you ditch the pants and we’ll ignore our phones for about half an hour?” when we’re in public.

ImageIt’s hard to get excited about the move though, since moving is SO MUCH WORK. I’ve been off the diet for over a week because Miss Sassiface was helping me move and packed all my pots and pans, so I’ve been living on Subway all week. I’m really broken up about it, as I’m sure you can tell. BREAD IS AMAZING. But, once I’m moved, I’ll have to start behaving again. Once the move stress is over, I mean. Fuck. I have come to the following conclusions:

1) I have a lot of clothes I hate wearing but don’t want to get rid of and I don’t know why.

2) I don’t dust anywhere near enough.

3) I have a lot of fancy shoes I can’t wear for more than five minutes without wanting to cut off my feet.

4) I lose so much hair that I’m surprised I have any left.

5) Do people even use DVDs anymore? What does one do with DVDs one no longer uses?

6) Mr. Grumpiface does not appreciate the value of real books, and resents having to carry 200 lbs of literature that could fit on a flash drive.

And there’s probably more, but I can’t think of any right now. I have to go move now. Peace out, bitches!