Francis has been relocated to Mr. Grumpiface’s house, with the assistance of Monsieurs Grumpiface, Laziface and Miss Sassiface. Once we got the tank set up and heated up again, I put Francis back to see how he felt about his new surroundings, or if he noticed that there was anything different. He immediately shit right on the EDGE of the papertowel, so by the time I get to clean it, it will be hardened to the tank like a cement turd. So, before I left for the evening, Mr Grumpiface and I watched him as he stretched up to the top of the tank, then sloooooowwly wrapped around his fern and slooooooowwwly  tried to put his weight on the fern to climb up onto it. So, the fern immediately fell down, and he fell with it – right into the poop. Mr Grumpiface and I dissolved in laughter and shook our heads at my poor, stupid, poop-smeared snake. Now I have to clean the tank again, AND give him a bath. (at least he didn’t poop in his house and then sleep in it… this time.)

But, I keep waking up and coming home to being disappointed that he’s not there. I miss my Francis. 😦Francis Hat!