So, yesterday I kicked Mr Grumpiface out of his house and set up a a scavenger hunt of little problems that needed to be discussed in our relationship. Arguing with Mr Grumpiface is often like being in court arguing with a barrister…

Ali Argument Invalid

… so I avoided that entirely by not being there when he went through and read all of my notes. At the end, he came to meet me at the park and we had a long talk about the issues in our relationship and what we can do to work on them. Also, because I have gotten involved in a great many of Mr Grumpiface’s interests, so he has started reading the Harry Potter books because he knows I like them. It was a very sweet gesture, until he dropped his phone and shattered the screen. Now he has to replace it again. 😦

Oh, anyway. At the end of this discussion, we decided that we’ve come a long way in our relationship and it’s time to move back in together.
Relationship Victory

So, I’m pretty happy right now. Also, because he made this fantastic chicken parmesan that I would seriously eat everyday until I die, most likely from heart failure. Yum.

Happy dance time!