Not that I think anyone IS panicking about something a trivial as this, but I CHANGED THE NAME OF MY BLOG because most of the feedback I have received indicates that the spelling of the name has escaped some people and therefore the joke is lost. So, I have toiled away, trying to think of a way to make sure that everyone understands the name, and says it properly when discussing my blog. Hours upon hours, I have spent trying to come up with something to make it work, to make it fit – so, I added a C.

The hours and hours were spent trying to figure out how to change all the old names to the new name. WordPress, you DID NOT MAKE THAT EASY. So, I will not be changing the name again, because that was a serious pain in the ass. I have been told that some people are annoyed that their browser keeps trying to send them to the old name, and it doesn’t exist anymore. Join the club, jerknozzle, mine does too and I’m the admin. Blame Windows.
Anyway. There are things to be done and places to be, so I supposed I should put on pants and go do them. Lame.