I’ve been keeping up with the exercise program. I’ve lost about 10 pounds now.  I just seem to have stopped talking about it because… well… nothing funny has happened for a while. But we’re still going. I still hate cardio.


Sadly, this is not the reason I hate cardio. Not even close.

Diet has been … well… on and off. I had a rough time of things last week and ended up cheating a little bit, but then I reluctantly stopped doing that. Mr. Grumpiface has been being my enforcer, whether I want him to or not, and he’s keeping me on track. (Bloody tyrant.)

Anyway. Since we go to the gym 4 days a week, Thursday is our “day off” so I get a chance to shower at home. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget that it takes longer to get to work from my house than it does from the gym, and left a bit late this morning. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal because I’m the first one in anyway, but this morning, my boss & coworker M were going to be in early to head out to a meeting. So, after recalling this, I booked it down to the skytrain station, which I haven’t had to do for a few months. And I was SHOCKED, because after only 5 weeks, I can run much farther before I need to slow down.  (And I made it to work on time, so YAY!) So, I guess Mr. Grumpiface is right, and cardio IS good for me, even though I hate it SO MUCH. I dread every Tuesday morning, because I WANT to look like this:


Except not blonde.

But the gym has mirrors, these cold, cruel contraptions that force me to see reality, which is REALLY depressing first thing in the morning. I have been tempted to come in with a large poster to put over the spot on the mirror where I can see myself, and then I can spend the time pretending I’m Scarlett Johansson.


In other news, my brother was down for a week, so I got to spend some time with him, which was awesome. He heard my woes of hospital visits, impending doctor’s appointments and intensive testing, and I imagine he felt sorry for me, because he gave me a new cooling fan for my laptop and gifted me Skyrim on Steam. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as much, it’s because I’ve been playing Skyrim. A lot. I love single-player RPGs, because I’m that kind of social.

Actually, that’s wrong. Yesterday, I was wandering around in London Drugs and looking at hemp protein powder, and another lady shopper asked me if I knew anything about hemp products. I proceeded to have a fairly lengthy and surprisingly not-awkward conversation with her about hemp products. The end result of this was that neither of us bought anything, but we’re thinking about it. One of the Masters at our dojo has recommended a product, but as soon as I decide to order it, they are out of stock and won’t be getting any in for a while. I just know I don’t want the kind I had before, because it tasted like pet food. And not the bacon-flavoured stuff, this was the crappy stuff that the dog looks at and visibly contemplates how hungry he really is. This is exactly the look I see on Mr. Grumpiface when he is faced with having to eat something green. He went for several years without eating any vegetables, so when he started doing the fitness training last year, he kept a food diary for a weekend to show his trainer what his diet was normally like. She read it and responded by saying “WOW…. LOL.” I can’t remember everything that was on it, but it was something to the effect of Kraft Dinner, a pizza, 36 chocolate chip cookies, Pepsi and probably a fuckton of M&Ms. And he still looks like THIS:
Ali Kicking