So, yesterday, we did arm workouts, and Mr. Grumpiface was laughing at me because in between my sets, I was trying to dispel some of the tension by flapping my arms like a demented bird having a seizure. He said it looked ridiculous and that I was being silly.
At this point, I pointed out that we were in a building dedicated to and filled with thousands of dollars worth of equipment designed for the sole purpose of picking up something heavy, NOT MOVING IT ANYWHERE, and putting it down again. The whole thing is kind of silly when you think about it.

Today was cardio day. I no longer wish to walk anywhere. I have been considering scooting my chair over to the water cooler for more water so I don’t have to stand up, but it’s far, and I have short legs.

A year or so ago, I had a conversation with Mr. Grumpiface about animal identities. We have two friends who call their boyfriends their “wolf” or “lion”, so I tried to figure out what Mr Grumpiface would be. After some comparisons he found inexplicably insulting, we settled on crocodile, because he’s got that grin that says “not to be trusted with squishy things” and an abnormally long torso. At this point, he decided that I was most like a badger: I live underground, I have short legs, fuzzy hair, poor eyesight, and I’m really cranky when I wake up. He then proceeded to walk around the house going “badger, badger, badger, badger, badger…”