So, this is day 5 of the diet, and I am STUPID. I am hungry, tired, and my cognitive processes keep stopping to rest before they reach their destinations. So, I can’t remember shit, sentences are HARD and I can’t manage to type what I’m thinking properly. And, since my body is a masochist, it decided this was a really good week to start my period, so I have cramps, too.

For some reason, this always seems to coincide with belt promotion, because my uterus KNOWS I wear a white Gii. And you know what sucks? NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE CHOCOLATE. I miss chocolate. Stupid digestive system! Y U NO DIGEST DAIRY???

Anyway. Belt promotion tonight. I am not nervous yet, but I will be when it’s time to go. I always think that I look like this:


And in reality, I look like this:


It doesn’t help that my Snugglebunny is REALLY good. He’s flexible, he’s one of the best martial artists at our dojo, and next to him, I look like… well, like a sad fat pelican flailing about. But that’s why I’m doing all this exercise and dieting – I don’t want to be a sad fat pelican anymore. I guess it actually does help that Snugglebunny can do cool stuff, then I have something to aspire to, and someone to help me get there. But it’s also pretty easy to get frustrated, knowing that I will never be that good.

And in other news, I am still too broke to go to Sin City and it makes me sad, because it’s the 3 day weekend event. ūüė¶ I really wanted to go. I know there will be other nights, but I want to go now! In the meantime, this is a picture of when Mr Grumpiface and I went to the Animal Kingdom Sin City and got body¬† painted as a lizard and the Cheshire Cat.Image

On that note, I’m going to accomplish something now. Peace out, bitches!