So, it’s day 2 for me doing the exercise/diet thing. (I should mention that Snugglebunny is following a slightly different [read:harder] regimen than I am, as he’s doing a specific fitness plan and I’m doing what I can manage.) Last week we started exercising, but didn’t start the diet until Monday. (Sunday for Mr. Grumpiface)

I made it through my upper body workout yesterday with no problems, I challenged myself, didn’t argue with Mr. Grumpiface, and then went about my day. At work, my printer – my lovely, efficient, 3-in-1 office-sized printer/scanner/fax machine that I used for 98% of my job – is broken. So, I have a scaled-down, older model as a loaner from our servicing company, and it is a piece of CRAP. It double-feeds through the document feeder REALLY bad, so I have to hold the pages and release them one-by-one. (I can’t even express how annoying this is, because it comes out incoherent, furious, profanity-laced babble that culminates in a sort of frustrated roar. At that point, my boss stops me from smashing it with a hammer, shouting “I HAVE THE POWER OF THOR!”)
There was a point to this. Oh yeah. So, yesterday, I’m holding the pages and releasing them, and since I’m short, the document feeder is roughly shoulder height for me, and I notice my arms are… shaking… and the effort of keeping my arms up is making my shoulders and back shake, and I realize that if anyone sees me, they’re going to think I’m on crack. (This impression probably wasn’t helped by the rage-fueled attacks on the printer.) In addition, I discovered that the shake container that came with my blender leaks, so I only got half my shake yesterday, and I had to clean the other half out of my lunch kit. (I have a Harry Potter lunch kit, which I carry around in my Portal messenger bag, because I AM AWESOME.)


Today, I tried to have just the powder in some juice & water. Turns out that hemp powder, which I need to use because I can’t digest dairy, doesn’t like liquids and clumps on the bottom like that grumpy kid on the playground that won’t play with the other kids. **After making that metaphor, I chuckled a little when I realized that I WAS that kid on the playground. Go me.**
So, I got home from work, ate something that was incredibly unsatisfactory, and decided to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – which was a bad, bad decision, because within about 3.5 minutes, I was passed out on the couch like I’d been hit with chloroform. I slept for about 2 hours in a REALLY uncomfortable position with both arms trapped under me, and now my shoulders hurt. Fuck.
So, today, it was CARDIO DAY! This time, I bent the elliptical trainer to my will, and managed to stay on it for the full 30 minutes that Mr Grumpiface insisted I needed to do. I wanted to quit after about 5 minutes when my foot started to hurt, but I knew that having to justify quitting to Mr Grumpiface and the resulting argument would be more taxing than staying on… so I pushed harder … and harder… (those words have never been used for such a miserable experience, at least for me.) and then I managed to NOT fall down the stairs after we were all done. **That’s why they have escalators in gyms, it’s because people get all wobbly-legged and then bail down the stairs and have to go to the hospital. They’re really just trying to avoid safety hazards, like gravity.**


So… why am I doing this again? Oh yeah. Goals. Be in better shape and stuff. Kick ass in martial arts. Support Snugglebunny as he competes to be the biggest two-legged carrot. (I mock him, but he knows that I think what he’s doing is awesome.) Last year, due to some ongoing issues with him, I was rather the opposite of supportive (I regret nothing, he deserved it) and was a major component in his cheating on his diet. I’m not going to do that to him this year, so I’m going to try to keep both of us on track.