On the weekend, Snugglebunny and I went to our bi-weekly gaming group to find out that two of the 5 players had quit. They told the DM they quit after they were supposed to have shown up – so we were pretty pissed. I mean, if you have to quit because of reasons, (I don’t give a shit what your reasons are, I’m sure they are good ones) but it would have been courteous of them to let someone know BEFORE the game session was supposed to start.

Thanks for ruining my Sunday, guys. Given sufficient warning, I could have:

1) found replacement players
2) postponed the gaming session until we had replacement players
3) made other plans (my family was picnicking at the beach, which would have been fun!)
4) stayed home and cleaned my house (boring, but necessary!)
5) Fun sexytime with Snugglebunny. Can never get enough sexytime! He is HAWT, guys. Seriously.
6) Save the world from evil slugs by setting snakes loose on them. It was in my dream last night, I don’t know. The snake also told me where to find unicorns as thanks for setting him free. I wish I could remember where…
7) Play Borderlands, watch Top Gear (Benedict Cumberbatch was in last night’s episode!), bake cupcakes?

A whole day to do whatever I wanted, and we wasted it waiting for those fucks, who were never going to show up. Though, we should have known – the first game night, they were 3 hours late for the session. That doesn’t scream “responsible”, does it?


On the topic of these guys, I had an epiphany, thanks to them. I always get upset that I can’t eat dairy like normal people, but I also HATE being on a diet. Eating healthy sucks, BUT these guys were each at least 250-350 pounds, and it wasn’t muscle. They are seriously overweight, and my brain clicked in and said “hey, maybe it’s because they eat nothing but junk food and sit around gaming for 8-10 hours a session? MAYBE THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT.”
So, I’m renewing my gym membership today. Aww yeah, PAYDAY. I’m never going to be that fat. NEVER. Buying healthy food tonight. Back on the wagon!