I’m Kate, and I’m convinced I was meant to be a hero. But somehow I ended up getting sidetracked and stuck in my life, which is significantly less epic than I want it to be. So, this is the story of how an average 20-something becomes a hero.

Once upon a time, there was a pretty 20-something stuck in an office job she isn’t fond of, not making very much money, in a relationship with someone she adores, but doesn’t trust due to past failures – a girl who dreamt of something more, of doing something she felt was worthwhile. She takes martial arts (tae kwon do, green belt) and needs to lose a bit of weight, because she’s quite short, and she’s starting to look like a hobbit. She’s got red hair, green eyes, and she thinks she’s both intelligent and funny.

Fuck this shit. Introductions suck. I’m Kate, I’m writing a fucking blog because I’m afraid the NSA won’t get the whole story of my life just by looking at my Facebook wall.